Things would turn simpler once they happened – 事情一旦发生就会变得简单

摄影 5张 2006 200cm X 150cm

Title: Things would turn simpler once they happened
Medium: C-Print
Date: 2006
5 images in total

Dimension:200cm X 150cm
Edition of 5


In this age of changes, people expect something to happen to them, something that throw light on them like a spotlight. Everything will then become simpler, more beautiful and endurable. They are waiting for their lives to be changed by it permanently.

Religious belief, love, wealth, opportunity, whatever that falls on us is welcomed, as long as it could rescue us from the common and repeating daily life.

Life is not only elsewhere, but also begins tomorrow.

Is the thing that falls on you really happiness? Or is it a disaster disguised?